January 12, 2024

Stratpoint and Hasura announce strategic partnership to deploy complex applications more efficiently

In a strategic move towards creating an innovative and agile digital transformation strategy for customers, Stratpoint Technologies, a digital acceleration enabler with domain expertise in software development, and Hasura, a pioneer in modern data access management, forged a partnership.

The partnership combines Stratpoint’s digital strategy and implementation expertise with Hasura’s simplified, secure, and fast approach to data access. Together, they aim to empower businesses with seamless, efficient, and scalable solutions to drive digital transformation in a shorter time.

Hasura is an innovative, open source platform that dramatically simplifies the process of developing, migrating, and launching modern applications. It allows developers to auto generate flexible, fast, and secure GraphQL (or REST) APIs on their databases, and compose them into a single data access endpoint – the supergraph.

By radically simplifying fast and secure API access to data – a common bottleneck for product teams – Hasura unblocks organizations to ship products 2x faster, and at half the cost. Since it was created in 2018, Hasura has been adopted by thousands of developers across Fortune 500 companies, startups, and development agencies.

Rana Banerji, Regional Director of Hasura, says, “We at Hasura are excited to work with Stratpoint as we expand our footprint in the Philippines. Ours is not just a strategic move for growth but a fusion of technical expertise and innovation. Leveraging Stratpoint’s track record in software development and Hasura’s game-changing technology, we will help businesses leverage their data more effectively, unlocking new possibilities in the digital world.”

Cary Santos, Stratpoint Head of Delivery, says, “Our partnership with Hasura is a strategic step towards revolutionizing how we approach software development and data management. Hasura’s solutions bring simplicity and efficiency, especially in managing complex and numerous system integrations. This collaboration will enable us to offer a more robust design across various enterprise systems, leading to significant time savings and faster market delivery.”

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