In a digital ecosystem where the pace of change is relentless, businesses are under constant pressure to adapt and innovate. Traditional data management systems, bound by rigid schema designs and scalability constraints, are proving to be a bottleneck.

MongoDB is an open-source, NoSQL database that lets you make the shift from table-based relational databases to flexible schemas, enabling you to scale and ensuring that your data infrastructure is as agile and dynamic as your business needs to be.




Managed Services



Managed Services



MongoDB reduces the complexity of data integration and accelerates application development. Its JSON-like document model makes it intuitive for developers, streamlining the coding process and enhancing productivity with products like MongoDB Atlas.

Horizontal Scaling

MongoDB distributes data across multiple servers or nodes. So instead of adding more power to an existing machine as in vertical scaling, services like MongoDB Database allow you to add more servers as your data grows, thus maintaining high performance.

Cloud Agnostic

MongoDB runs on any Cloud platform, providing businesses the flexibility to deploy, manage, and scale their applications in any Cloud environment. Without vendor lock-in, you have the freedom to optimize costs and leverage unique Cloud services.


Modern IT solutions

Stratpoint upholds modern technology practices that leverage the Agile framework, microservices, and Cloud — all aligned with MongoDB’s distributed, scalable, and performance-centric approach.

Certified expertise

We are a value-added reseller and consulting services partner of MongoDB, so we are equipped with the tools, training, certifications, and experience needed to succeed in implementation projects.

Full-service enterprise IT

Stratpoint capabilities cover data, software, cloud, and AI — we have the skills and resources to build end-to-end solutions that achieve real business goals.