Promoting Cloud Efficiency, Savings and Innovation

Stratpoint has been at the forefront of accelerating digital transformation for businesses for over 20 years. With capabilities and experience in Cloud, software, data, and AI, its goal is to enable businesses to innovate at speed and ensure their success at every stage of their transformation journey. Stratpoint is a Cloud pioneer and has been building on the Cloud for over a decade, making its experience in providing Cloud services — from design, migration, and operation to optimization — unparalleled in the industry.

Growing demands, growing complexities

While this elite team of technology leaders rapidly adapts to the ever-changing demands of businesses, Stratpoint still encounters challenges as a Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP). The company manages a long list of AWS workloads for various clients and its own infrastructure. While it has been successful in delivering its commitments, the process has become tedious and burdensome as workloads grow in number and complexity. Without a tool to help them manage, it had become difficult to keep workloads at optimal performance.

Stratpoint addressed the challenges with a strategic partnership with nOps, a fully automated Cloud management tool. nOps helps organizations optimize their Cloud performance, manage usage, and reduce Cloud spend.

Simplifying operations through automation

Stratpoint leveraged nOps to manage the Cloud portfolios of its clients, all on a single dashboard and using the following nOps services:

    • nOps ShareSave Risk-Free Commitment. nOps’s AI-powered engine continuously monitors and optimizes usage to save on costs — hands-free.
    • nOps nSwitch. nOps automatically detects idle resources and pauses them when not in use, directly resulting in lower AWS billing.
    • nOps Business Context. nOps provides better cost visibility to business stakeholders, allowing businesses to create a data-driven strategy to allocate costs, handle tag misconfigurations, and distribute shared costs across departments.

Apart from these individual features, Stratpoint used nOps to conduct the AWS Well-Architected Review (WAR). The WAR framework ensures that AWS infrastructures achieve operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost efficiency, and sustainability.

Cloud engineers would have to spend substantial time and effort to manually check on these qualities using AWS tools. With nOps, Stratpoint can instantly discover issues, assess potential solutions, and provide recommendations to bring a company’s infrastructure up to standards.

Stratpoint leverages nOps to make both internal and client Cloud deployments successful, resulting in over 99% uptime and 200% cost savings, among other benefits.

Kevin John Ventura, Stratpoint Cloud Engineering Manager, says, “nOps has revolutionized how we manage our clients’ commitments and optimize costs in our AWS environment. As a result, we have significantly enhanced our operations to bring more value to our own clients. We intend to continue our partnership with nOps as we are aligned in our commitment to promote efficiency and innovation in Cloud deployments.”

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November 21, 2023


Stratpoint climbs the ranks in Prosple’s Top 100 Employers for Fresh Graduates

Stratpoint remains in the prestigious Top 100 Employers for Fresh Graduates by careers and education technology company Prosple. Jumping in the Prosple rankings from 40th place in 2023 to 35th in 2024, the recognition highlights Stratpoint’s excellence in attracting, training, and retaining recent graduates.