September 22, 2023

Building apps fast, right, and for the future

The digital realm has forever altered the way businesses operate. With increasing reliance on digital platforms, companies are constantly on the lookout for platforms that can fast-track their digital transformation. It is a must to have a space and platform to swiftly, reliably, and securely build your business applications.

OutSystems: Build applications fast and right

Software development practices, too, must catch up with the times. Not so long ago, ideas came from business users, while software code came from IT. In this process, the gap between idea and development slowed down innovation. But in the age of digitalization, six months is just too long to take an app from idea to launch. 

Still, reducing the development timeline could mean doubling up on developer resources, which in turn, requires a bigger investment and an even bigger risk. Not anymore. When you leverage a leading low-code platform like OutSystems, business and IT teams can create beautiful apps together and at the speed that can propel your company to success.

Competitive organizations in the Asia Pacific region like Schneider Electric, Arnotts, UnionBank, and Globe use OutSystems to deploy app innovations in their internal business processes and customer touchpoints. Here are the ways OutSystems brings them benefits:

    • Development efficiency. Using a visual interface, create app features in mere minutes. Save more money on resources and gain revenue out of your ideas earlier.
    • Reusability and interoperability. You do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you build a feature. Use and reuse app modules to make developing and running an app more efficient.
    • Maintainability and productivity. With no coding required in OutSystems, you can be sure that every feature follows your company’s development standards, making it easy for new or other team members to continue the work you started.
    • Monitoring and observability. Use built-in tools to check on the performance of your apps and fine-tune them as needed. This especially comes in handy when you are managing hundreds of apps on one platform.
    • Improved CX and EX. Simply adopt the customer and employee experience standards that come with the platform. Moreover, with low code, you can focus on giving your users the most beautiful app experience.

AWS: Taking low code to the next level — Cloud

When you combine the strength of OutSystems as a platform with that of the Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services (AWS), the possibilities increase exponentially. Now, not only can you create applications rapidly, but you can also rest assured that your apps are secure, high-performing, and resilient.

    • Enhanced performance. With reduced latency and better overall performance, AWS provides an environment for apps created in OutSystems to truly showcase their capabilities. Users get a seamless and enjoyable experience.
    • Reliability. AWS provides backup and disaster recovery capabilities to protect OutSystems apps and its users in the event of disruption or disaster.
    • Cost efficiency. AWS’s pay-as-you-go model allows you to optimize cost based on your actual usage, without hefty upfront investments.
    • Advanced security. Easily deploy an additional layer of security to your OutSystems apps, including features like encryption and multi-factor authentication. Combined with OutSystems’s own built-in security, your apps are fortified against threats.

Stratpoint: Completing the Power of 3

With OutSystems in place and upon migrating to AWS, what’s your next step? Here are a few ideas:

    • Cloud innovation. Take the next step towards realizing the power of the Cloud. Implement AWS integrations and enhancements.
    • Scale your app. Provide more interconnected services to your customers. Deploy more apps and features fast, without sacrificing performance.
    • Apply advanced deployment techniques. Explore Cloud-native, containers, and serverless technologies. 
    • Leverage experience. Utilize the skills and expertise of Stratpoint as a technology consulting and implementation partner, so that you may focus on your business strategies and growth.

While the combined power of OutSystems and AWS is undeniable, it is important to partner with an experienced technology services provider to help you navigate modern software development and Cloud infrastructure initiatives. Stratpoint, a digital transformation enabler trusted by top brands like Globe, SM, AyalaLand, Robinsons, and more, will help you turn your business needs, technology solutions, and innovations into applications that bring value to your customers and your organization. Moreover, Stratpoint is a certified partner of both OutSystems and AWS — we have the skills and training to leverage these technologies and the proof that we have delivered them successfully to our clients.

Explore how we can help you pilot your first project, build a turnkey application, or manage your entire software development lifecycle. Book a meeting through the form below.