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March 28, 2023

Making an impact on brand and business through design with UI/UX Designer Angel Pollentes

How do you help clients achieve their goals?

I actively listen, ask questions, and encourage open discussions. I make sure that I am constantly collaborating with my team and our counterparts. I do my best to understand their challenges and conceptualize solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

As a UI/UX engineer, how do you make an impact on your client’s business?

I ensure that every flow is intuitive and that the product is an effective tool for the user. By making the user experience seamless and relevant, we encourage them to engage more with the product and the brand. We increase our client’s visibility, reliability, and familiarity. We help them reach out to more users and communities.

How do you deliver value to your colleagues and clients?

I follow an iterative design process and get as much feedback as early and as often as possible. This way, my output will always be aligned with expectations.

Like Angel, Stratpoint UI/UX designers aim to deliver value to their clients at all times. To set up a free consultation with our UI/UX Design team, fill out the form below.