November 24, 2022

Stratpoint nurtures careers through mentorship

Every new Stratpoint team member is assigned two mentors: a technical mentor and a career mentor. Your technical mentor guides you through the technical skills you need to learn and ensures that you get the training and certification you need to develop in your chosen specialization. Your career mentor, on the other hand, helps you to explore your career goals and to strategize how you achieve them.

While other companies may have set up their mentorship programs in a similar manner, Stratpoint takes its commitment to mentor its employees to a higher level. 


The Challenge of Mentorship Programs

Life in tech consulting companies, including Stratpoint, can get hectic. Client meetings and project deadlines often steal time away from activities that are perceived to be not urgent — leading to missing employee evaluation, training, and mentoring sessions. When we began the Stratpoint mentorship program, we experienced the same thing. And so we knew that we needed to incorporate mentorship into our operations and habits.


Kwentuhan and Kamustahan: a Tech-enabled Mentorship

Under the Kwentuhan and Kamustahan Mentorship Program, career mentors and tech mentors are mandated to have a one-on-one conversation with their mentees every other month. Nicknamed “K2” for better internal recall, it was designed to promote a culture of growth among Stratizens by operationalizing mentorship activities — shedding the initial impression they were appointments that could be delayed in favor of client-facing activities. 

A typical K2 session involves a mentor and mentee one-on-one meeting over coffee, in a quiet space. To enhance the effectiveness of these meetings, Stratpoint developed and launched a digital platform called K2 Portal. In the K2 Portal, both the mentor and the mentee record their experience, so that Stratpoint’s Learning and Development team can monitor compliance and can support both the mentor and mentee in accomplishing their action items. Additionally, the career mentor and the technical mentor, through the system, are able to compare notes about the mentee. They collaborate via K2 Portal to make sure that the career advice and technical advice the mentee receives are complementary. 


Four years and counting

With K2, Stratpoint successfully established an efficient and effective mentorship program. Stratizens were able to:

  • Learn how to set goals for their career and personal life
  • Validate their good ideas and practices with a more established professional
  • Gain new perspectives from each other — both mentor and mentee

Four years after the program launched, K2 mentees in 2018 are now being trained to be mentors — a concrete indicator that they have indeed grown as professionals and individuals. 


Grow your career at Stratpoint

Looking for an organization where you can thrive? When you join Stratpoint, you will get to learn from mentors who will show you the ropes in the tech industry. Check out our job openings here.