April 22, 2022

Connecting Stratizens

More companies and professionals are adopting a hybrid work arrangement. And why not? You get the best of both worlds: having the flexibility to live a balanced life when working at home, as well as being able to work more seamlessly with colleagues in person. For either scenario, it remains important that we feel connected with our teammates, both online and offline.

In Stratpoint, we believe that great things can be achieved when people feel connected, so we have taken great care in crafting activities that allow Stratizens to socialize, collaborate, have fun, and form deeper relationships within the organization… wherever each of us may be physically.

Curious about what it’s like to be a Stratizen? Here are some activities that we enjoy doing to be together in all the ways that matter.


Intrams: Let the games begin!

The Intrams is an annual event that lasts a whole year and is one of the most anticipated by Stratizens. This year, the Stratpoint Intrams 2022 kicked off on Lunar New Year’s Day, and the 12 teams were named after a Chinese Zodiac sign. The 24 team captains at the helm of the 12 competing teams were unveiled, and so began the battle in the name of glory and awesomeness!

The games are inspired by the Hogwarts House Cup (of the famous Harry Potter series), wherein each team earns points for various events and competitions over the course of the year.

The Intrams gives Stratizens the opportunity to collaborate over fun activities, such as trivia games and a Mobile Legends tournament. Teams also earn points for taking part in other company initiatives, such as winning the Best in Halloween Costume and achieving complete team participation in the Valentines activities.

There’s something for everyone to be part of, and it’s a great way to cultivate teamwork and friendship in a fun way. We’re all hyped, and we can’t wait for what’s in store for us this year! 


Virtual Town Hall: Stratpoint, assemble!

It’s very important to the company that each Stratizen feels in-the-know about the latest news and developments within the organization. Our Virtual Town Hall is held for this purpose. Every month, we gather online to talk about business updates, check on one another, celebrate wins, and inspire each other to keep going for the gold. 


StratU: Helping each other be better

To bring out the best in all Stratizens, it is important that we build an environment that will nurture world-class  IT professionals. In Stratpoint University (StratU), Stratpoint transforms talents into technology leaders. StratU supports the Stratizens’ pursuit for evolution through technical bootcamps, certifications, soft skills training, and mentorship. 

We have a combination of real-time and self-paced courses, as well as mentoring and coaching, to equip each Stratizen with the technical and soft skills that will help them grow their talents and pursue career development. 


Wellness Wednesdays: All is well

Stratizens take a step beyond technical training and into personal development. StratU holds Wellness Wednesdays, where we  learn from experts in different fields on topics about physical and mental health. Celebrity experts have graced our hump days, too. Dr. Jondi Flavier of Clinica Flavier sat down with us (virtually, of course) to educate about the importance, effectiveness, and safety of COVID vaccines. Francis Kong, on the other hand, taught us about pursuing passion, purpose, and productivity for us to live meaningful lives. In a fast-paced industry, Wellness Wednesdays are a great way to support our holistic well-being.


Care Packages: We wish you well!

COVID has touched too many families in our country, including ours. To Stratpoint, health and safety comes first. That’s why we want to let our teammates know that we are thinking of them.  Stratpoint sends COVID care packages to Stratizens who are affected. Each thoughtfully put together basket contains recovery essentials: fruit, vitamins, masks, alcohol, among other things. A heartwarming reminder that the company is rooting for us to get better!

We don’t only send our well wishes to those recovering from COVID. We also send them to celebrate new life! New parents get a delicious and nutritious care package, to help them nourish their own bodies as they take care of their new little bundles of joy.


Holiday specials: It’s raining games and presents!

Holidays are not taken lightly at Stratpoint, and we will find every excuse to make a big party out of any occasion!

We celebrate December Holidays with a series of cool activities and surprises, culminating in a grand party full of food, gifts, and prizes! Read about how we ended 2021 with a beach-themed virtual party here.

Valentines gave us another reason to bring our A-game to the party. This year, we celebrated the month of love with secret messages, wearing our heart on our sleeves, and shipping our favorite Stratpoint love team. We got to take a peek at past and (hopefully) future love stories in this blog post.


Pulse check: How you doin’?

Every journey has its share of rough seas. In a professional setting, we expect moments of stress and overwhelm… among others. That’s why we have put a system in place to make sure we know how everybody is doing and how we can extend support.

Every Friday, Stratizens respond to a Feel Good Survey. The survey is a venue for us to quickly share our thoughts and feelings for the week, and to ask for help if we need any.


Stratizen Strong!

We believe that in the toughest times, we will remain strong as a team when we are connected. We work hard, we play hard, and we chill when a break is what we need. We take care of each other as professionals and as a family. We would love for you to join our team! Visit our careers page to see our job openings.