December 22, 2021

Stratizens Celebrate the Holidays
Cheers, Stratizens! We made it this 2021!  Stratpoint’s essential workers — as our CEO, Mary Rose dela Cruz fondly calls us — received a series of surprises this December to celebrate and spread the love and cheers of the holiday season.  In this blog post, we want to share (and show off!) how delightful it is to be a Stratizen! Each Stratizen  waited excitedly for our kind delivery riders to show up at our gates with our presents. And it was all worth it! To start off, we received our annual Stratpoint merchandise in the form of an eco-friendly 32oz water bottle, carefully selected and customized with one of three designs created by a local artist. Each design captures Stratpoint’s mantra: Deliver, Innovate, Inspire.  This is our way of encouraging people to drink water and support sustainability. The company also supported local products and an employee business venture through the inclusion of unique coffee products in our water bottle delivery!    Stratpoint took time to recognize and acknowledge our top performers for the year through our Year-End WOOT awards. And celebrated our Service Loyalty Awardees who have been with the company for 5 and 10 years! We also got some yummy nomnoms! In our last virtual town hall for the year, we received a bucket each of a Filipino favorite: Jollibee fried chicken!   For our official Christmas party, we got a little fancy with a graze box and a bottle of  wine.   Since most of us hadn’t been to the beach for a while, we brought the tropics to our yearend Party!    The raffle prizes were a little extra too! Fitbits, Airpods, soundbars, tablets, phones, 50-inch TV, and other tech-friendly gadgets and appliances.  

To top the celebrations off, our year-long friendly intrams competition among 8 teams has concluded, and only one team can emerge the winner! Team Raging Arcanine bags the PhP25,000 cash prize and — more importantly — bragging rights.

  The treats don’t stop. Stratizens get a digital surprise via email too: Giftaway vouchers that we can use to purchase our own Christmas basket, or any goodie of our choice!   And best of all, the gift of time to spend with our loved ones — company holiday off on December 24 and 31! So many things to celebrate and be thankful for! We work hard, we play hard, and we are taken care of too! It’s a good time to be a Stratizen. So to former, present, and future Stratizens, we look forward to partying with you!