March 19, 2021

5 Reasons Companies Love OutSystems for App Development

Now over 20 years old, OutSystems has proved to be more than just another trendy enterprise application. Today, it is a recognized leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant both for low-code and for multi-experience platforms. 

The economy is ripe for a platform like OutSystems. In the past 12 months, going digital is no longer groundbreaking but a minimum requirement to compete in today’s business environment.

Users — both internal and external — recognize this need and are clamoring to be prioritized in your development pipeline. If you are still using traditional development methods, the user demands translate into weeks of blueprinting and documentation, months of development and bug-fixing, and, maybe, you’ll get to launch your new app in Q4 of this year. By that time, the user’s requirements will have changed completely.

Enter a low-code platform like OutSystems. Low-code is a modern way to develop applications. Using visual development, it abstracts and automates the application development lifecycle, reducing the complexity and the time needed to deliver custom applications. 

Our clients who already use OutSystems have been up and ready to respond to new user demands even before the global lockdowns necessitated them. Here are 5 reasons our clients swear by OutSystems:


OutSystems’ claim that you can create an app in days is no marketing ploy. For example, it took us less than a month to deliver the core functionalities or the MVP of Globe Yaass. Applications like this took companies years to make with .Net. OutSystems made it possible with its drag-and-drop functionality, pre-built user interfaces, and readily available models for business processes, logic, and data. 


With the speed that users are asking for apps these days, there is a need to be flexible and creative. You need to deliver custom applications for multiple platforms and various needs. You need to connect with legacy systems. You need to deploy it today.

OutSystems is made for agile. It has easily implementable APIs and connectors for existing third-party tools. As an example, we are about to launch our own health application, to manage our health protocols as we ease into the new normal. One of the features of the app is to automatically trace those who have been potentially exposed to the virus in the office. We already have a time-tracking system, so we simply connected the new app to a third-party application.

Moreover, its one-click deployment approach means you can do away with tedious deployment and operations processes and still automatically track changes in case you need to revert to an earlier version.


You need to be where the customers are — or your competitors will be there before you. You have to cover mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Your customer touchpoints must be consistently excellent in all channels. This used to mean having a big and expensive development team. With OutSystems, you can expand the bandwidth of your lean development team with templates, automated refactoring, and more. No need to relearn or duplicate steps. Serve a great user experience every time your customer logs in to your application.

Democratize innovation

Before OutSystems and low-code, you needed to have an army of highly experienced full-stack developers to deploy the simplest of new features. Companies competed for these rare talents. With a limited pool, there was hardly any time to implement innovative ideas. We got stuck in a cycle of just catching up with demands.

Now, with OutSystems and because of the nature of low-code, app ideas are more quickly brought to life, with little to no hard coding required. You are free to think of unlimited ways to serve your customers with apps, without the fear that development will be too hard or too long. In Stratpoint, business users, without the technical knowledge of developing an app, are given the liberty to outline their requirements to serve our teams better and even implement minor features. As a result, we make swift progress with our own pipeline of in-house apps, including a health app, a knowledge management app, a project management app, and a performance evaluation app. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Standardize development

When business users are not getting what they need from IT, they may resort to finding third-party solutions themselves. The result is a hodgepodge of non-standard apps that may or may not be compatible with each other or with the core system of the company. Not to mention IT will still end up maintaining the apps after turnover.

With OutSystems, app development can be both democratic and compliant to development standards and best practices. Development will be based on the same templates and workflow engine, so housekeeping and improvement can be taken over by anyone in the IT team.

Start getting ahead of your development pipeline

We are confident that any organization with a healthy development pipeline will love OutSystems too. Let us show you how. Book a demo by filling up the form below.

“OutSystems is not just a singular tool but a whole product development experience: from training, development, all the way to management and maintenance. It enables our team to deliver the best possible app at a speed that will give our clients an edge against their competition.” 

Paolo Alcabao

Solution Architect, Stratpoint