Digital Application

UnionBank sets up a more flexible online infrastructure for expansion and innovation


UnionBank Online is the retail banking platform of UnionBank of the Philippines, the #1 digital bank in the country. It is used by millions of its customers.

UnionBank is enhancing its architecture to support the platform’s rapid customer growth and to support its technical roadmap.


Stratpoint proposed a new design based on OutSystems, with the objective of enhancing the platform’s existing architecture. Stratpoint will deploy an API Connector and services management that will enable UnionBank to connect and manage OutSystems-developed services, as well as with services developed natively — resulting in much greater system flexibility.


Earning the title #1 digital bank is one thing; staying on top is another. UnionBank Online’s already future-ready app infrastructure, further enhanced by Stratpoint, will make it easier and faster for the company to manage, expand, and innovate its digital services — keeping their customers happy with smart banking literally at their fingertips.

Technologies used

  • Outsystems