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Leading tech company in the world strengthens quality practice in software development, business process, and beyond


The company is a large device manufacturer with tens of thousands of employee talents around the world. With a massive operational scope, it is important that they hire and retain the best talent in order to maintain their pole position in the industry.

The company launched a centralized, talent-centric recruitment platform to support and manage the company’s global recruitment processes, covering efficient and effective interactions between the company and its talents. A lean, in-house Quality Assurance (QA) team supports this application.


Through the application, the company shifted from requisition-based to talent-centric recruitment and is used by its teams all over the world. Crucial to sustaining the company’s manpower and productivity, the application grows in scope as the talent pool grows, with new features being added regularly to the system. Thus, software quality is expected and is of utmost importance, but it is also a challenge to the company’s QA team.

Beyond the talent app, the company wanted to ensure that all output delivered by their software development team — and their entire business — is well designed, well-executed, and of top quality.


To help support the company in their goal of maintaining high-quality and well-designed software, Stratpoint leveraged its Quality Assurance Team, a center of excellence in Stratpoint’s own development practice. Stratpoint’s QA team is equipped with decades of experience in functional testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, test automation, and performance and volume testing for clients in the Philippines, Asia, and the US. 

The task of Stratpoint’s QA team in the project is to strengthen the company’s User Acceptance Testing (UAT) practice, as well as keep it up to date with industry standards and trends:

  • Planned UAT activities together with the business and development teams
  • Prepared and executed UAT scenarios
  • Trained business teams to do UAT
  • Coordinated with development teams for resolution of UAT issues
  • Reported UAT Metrics
  • Owned the UAT environment
  • Supported production releases by joining the business teams in validating in live environments


With the new global recruitment platform, the company was able to:

  • Gain insight into the talent market
  • Connect the right talent to the right opportunities
  • Personalize the recruitment experience
  • Allow potential talents to submit their applications easily

Working with an offshore team enables the company to find the right balance of project cost efficiency and testing expertise. To ensure the productivity of a distributed project team, a combination of onsite and offshore Stratpoint personnel were onboarded.

The company deploys monthly releases of the product, to quickly promote its usage among international teams and incorporate early user feedback.

The recruitment platform was designed to scale its scope to include event management, campaigns, interview scheduling, interview feedback, offer management, and integration with other internal applications in the future.

Quality is also applied in their everyday business. Stratpoint helped the company incorporate quality in each discussion, initiative, and overall business direction. The Stratpoint QA team continues to work with the company to sustain a quality practice and has been providing QA services to the company for almost a decade, growing from 2 consultants to 120+ QA resources at present.

Technologies used

  • Test Automation: Selenium-Angular JS-Protractor
  • User Acceptance Testing: Test Planning, UAT Design, Execution, Reporting, Maintenance