Solutions/Technical Architect


Experienced Professional

We are looking for a Solutions/Technical Architect who will provide technical oversight, solution design, and technical management for projects of a specific stack or technology domain for the entire project lifecycle from pre-sales, delivery, maintenance, and closure as well as building and innovating new practices and tools to build the capability of that technology or domain.

Main duties and responsibilities:

    ● Manage technical delivery in projects by providing technical direction; helping measure risks in approaches and solutions in order to provide the best solution, combining technical and management perspectives.
    ● Assess technical products and systems; for purposes of troubleshooting, extension, design, and potential adoption.
    ● Strategize and plan technical solutions and approaches and map these to client needs and requirements; including negotiations with clients on project timelines, technical debt, and implementation details.
    ● Involve in the pre-sales process by providing technical input in the design and crafting of the solution, help draft the proposal in terms of the technical write-up, documentation, and cost, as well as client negotiation.
    ● Manage technical teams and provide guidance both in technical direction as well as ways of working; including mentoring, coaching, and even people development and hiring.
    ● Keep up to date on trends and technical knowledge to support multiple projects, whether internal initiatives or external client projects be it in design, implementation, or troubleshooting in order to improve what is already existing or bring in something new in terms of tools, processes, or practice.
    ● Maintains a “Technology Radar”, ensuring up-to-date, practical technical expertise that can be used to accurately guide and support project teams if necessary.
    ● Monitor and maintain coding and technical standards in their capability; ensuring that all projects maintain compliance and keep high standards
    ● Constantly innovate on current processes and tools as well as evaluate new approaches and products


    ● BS degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or any related degree / vocational courses
    ● At least 5+ years of development experience.
    ● Has experienced a software development project from start to completion (pre-sales to post-production and feature changes)
    ● Has hands-on programming skills in open source technologies (e.g java, python, javascript, android, swift, etc.) as well as database design and administration.
    ● Excellent communicator; can comfortably deal with internal and external clients/stakeholders